Doctor Bindeshwar Pathak has succeeded in realizing the will of Gandhi. His determination revolutionized India. People’s admiration leads him to be called a living God.


Four Untouchables from an orphanage in Bombay, will go through an amazing journey across India, discovering the work and life of their benefactor, Dr Pathak.


There was once upon a time now, India, Bombay, the slums: a hard world, overpopulated and polluted, where from infancy the Untouchables, victims of segregation, are forced to clean toilets or prostitute themselves.

Four Untouchable Orphans will become the knights of their people, traveling through India, with a quest : To meet Dr Pathak, protector of the Untouchables who transforms their lives by offering them a precious “key”, one which allow them to open the door to access a miracle: a decent and digni ed life.

Upon returning to the orphanage, they will build with their companions in misfortune a new life which will have at its heart Dr Pathak’s “key”.

It is then that the unimaginable magic of human nature will transform itself into a cornucopia: of water, food and energy.

« The results of the efforts of Dr Pathak constitute one of the most impressive examples of the manner in which one single person can have an effect on the well-being of millions of people”.

International Institute of water of Stockholm.

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